I offer a full personal stylist and personal shopping experience in Cambridge and the surrounding areas. Cambridge has a great high street and boutique selection that enables me to provide clients with the best personal shop. 

All services start with a pre-session chat, so that I can understand more about you and what your requirements are. This usually takes around 20 minutes and can be done on the phone or in person. I offer gift vouchers for any of these services.

The Wardrobe Edit

I’ll review and organise your wardrobe, identify key pieces and determine what's missing to ensure that your whole wardrobe is balanced and gets worn. 

We’ll go through your wardrobe together and discuss each item in detail, creating looks from your existing pieces that you may not have considered. We’ll organise your items into keep, mend or alter, sell and charity shop piles. If a garment isn’t fitting correctly, I can pin this and arrange alterations with a trusted seamstress. You’ll pay the seamstress directly, but I’ll add a small additional fee to my invoice for organising the work and returning the item to you.

We’ll put together a shopping list of items that I feel are missing from your wardrobe that will help you create more outfits. Your wardrobe will be organised and tidy, making it easier for you to select an outfit to wear each morning.

Following the edit I’ll create a mood board of images for you to help with styling and outfit combinations, and I’ll recap everything we discussed during the edit in an email for your reference.

£120 (2 hours*)

The Shopping Trip 

I’ll shop with you, having pre-selected items in stores ready for you to try on. This could be a “new season”, maternity, post pregnancy or "back to work" shop. Or, you may have a special occasion coming up such as a wedding or graduation. 

Following a wardrobe edit and/or a consultation where I can determine your style aspirations and your body type, I’ll then pull together items that I believe would be great for your wardrobe. After this pre-selection we’ll meet up and go shopping together. This is a fun and exciting way to shop, with me on hand to help with selection and styling throughout the session. You’ll come away with key pieces for your wardrobe, an understanding of what suits you and why, and a new confidence in how to shop.

£195 (3 hours*)

The Virtual Shop 

Following a consultation I’ll shop for you and hand-deliver the items to your house. You can try them on in the comfort of your own home and I’ll return any items you don’t want and invoice you for those you keep.

In a similar set up to the shopping trip, this can follow a wardrobe edit or a phone consultation, where I can determine your style aspirations and your body type. I will then bring a selection of clothes and accessories to your home for you to try. This is a great way to shop hassle free and in the comfort of your home, with the bonus of being able to try pieces on with other items from your existing wardrobe. There is no obligation to buy the pieces that I bring and the items are sold to you at the price I paid for them.

£230 (plus any clothes kept)

Travel charged at 50 pence per mile for distances greater than 20 miles from Cambridge.

The Online Shop 

If you don’t have the time to physically go into the shops or even trawl through the huge amount available online, then I can provide an online shop. I’ll email you web links for pieces that fit your specific brief. 

Following a consultation, which can take place over the phone, I can determine your style aspirations and your body type. This will give me the tools to carry out the online shop for you. I’ll create a mood board for outfit inspiration and styling, which will be included at the beginning of your document. I will then select items online that are relevant to the brief set and include images and web links for these pieces for you to click and shop quickly and easily.

£65 (up to 20 items) £120 (up to 40 items)

Add on: If you would then like me to help with styling once you have ordered and received your new pieces, then I would be happy to do this in person or virtually. This is priced at £65 per hour.

Photoshoot Styling 

Working with your photographer I can prepare a range of outfits using your existing wardrobe or by suggesting items you may wish to purchase online.  Price on request based on requirements.

I have worked closely with Elodie Giuge and can offer my services alongside her photography sessions. Please contact me for more information.

The Trend Night 

A fun and informal fashion evening highlighting seasonal trends, key pieces from the high street and a glass of something fizzy! 

At the beginning of each season I host events local to me in Cambridgeshire, taking you through the catwalk trends for the season and then presenting items available on the high street to represent those trends. Guests are welcome to try the clothes on and purchase pieces that are right for them. I’m on hand to offer styling advice and to explain the other services that I offer. This with a nice glass of prosecco at the beginning of the evening is a great way to familiarise yourself with the trends of the season.


I can also do these evenings at your home with a group of friends.  

£15/pp (minimum £90)

Corporate Events 

If you’re looking for an interesting corporate event in Cambridge and the surrounding areas I can run a Trend Night/Day in your office for your team. These can be tailored to your company’s dress code. 

From £15/pp (minimum £90)

Gift Vouchers: Treat a friend or loved one to any of the services above with a gift voucher.

* Additional time if required can be agreed prior.